Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Squirrelly Antics

I think this is where my squirrel worked before it retired... to my yard!


Kitt said...

Ha! Love the Mission Impossible music. Cheeky little buggers.

Beverly said...

Yeah they are...but I have toooooooo many!!! I hate the idea that I'm just keeping them fat and sassy...and reproducing, when all I want to do is feed the birds! grrrrrrrrrrr

I'd trap and remove them if I thought it would help...but we all know more would just move in for the easy pickin's. I'm working on some sort of deterrent.

I wonder if I'm I as smart as a rodent.

A Portland Backyard said...

What an awesome video! I laughed my butt off.

Beverly, I KNOW I'm not smarter than a rodent. It has been proven time and time again.

Beverly said...

Well, I have to admit they ARE kinda cute...unless they are distroying feeders; which the ones in my yard DO!

Tell me, did adding the corncob-feeder REALLY keep them out of your bird feeders for long?

Inquiring minds wanna know!

Anonymous said...

I love this! I also love squirrels, but then, the ones around my house behave.