On January 28th (my brother's birthday), five little puppies were born to a Peekapoo (1/2 Pekinese & 1/2 Poodle; quite small) female and a (slightly larger) Shih Tzu male. I was lucky to acquire two sisters when they were three months old. I decided to get the pups immediately when I met the parents which were quiet and calm while several folks handled pups; and all were very quiet.  This was an emotionally sturdy, sane, bunch of dogs!

So, Thelma and Louise joined my family.  What a trip.

 I love this photograph

Thelma (R) and Louise (L) - almost 3-months old.

They love to sleep together on this little pillow...unless it's hot and they're stretched out like otters; bellies flat on the floor.Thelma, right, is 3/4 of a pound larger.

Louise, the red head, has four white sox;
she's cute as a button!

Thelma, my little Ewock, weighted a hefty six pounds even, when I got her.

 Louise is more delicate..........looking.

I don't want to ever trim her...
she'd loose all those cute, dark curls!

This is how they often move through the yard; together. 
I'll have to get a shot like this from the back-side; two fluffy-butts!

 Who has the stick?

It is often a contest over 'Who has the stick'
Here you can see Louise is clearly tickled SHE has it.

While they keep a pretty good watch on me (and me on them; we have owls, hawks and foxes, too) when they wander out of sight I just call: "Girls, where are you?"... and they both come running, ears flying.

Yeah, I think these are pretty special puppies.