Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baffling Squirrels: an update

Well, so far the squirrels have not managed to get into the feeders atop the pole where I put my home-made baffle. So, for as long as it'll last, I suppose it'll do the job. Unfortunately, BosqueBill tells me, the duct-tape will degrade in short order! I can't have sharp objects out there where birds party! I'm not sure what I'll do. ...dammit! Winter is around the corner. Perhaps a good snow-storm will send the furry monsters into hibernation and, like Miss Scarlet, I can think about it tomorrow. [sigh]

In the mean time, I was reading and poking about a bit on Chas' blog and found another fun one to read called "Hunter Angler Gardner Cook" (my kinda person!). Anyway, just look his current post: about squirrels! Heh heh heh Thanks Hank!

But then...I found this:

All that spinning MUST spill some seed, huh? Didn't I see them feasting below the spinning feeder? Why else play acrobat over and over again? I'm soooooooo discouraged! Will nothing stop these monsters? Heck, even I know eating the little morsels will only bring larger litters next year! [another dramatic sigh]


Bosque Bill said...

There are alternatives to duct tape that are designed to be used outdoors in the sun, rain and snow. Ask in a good hardware or home-improvement store.

Beverly said...

Hmmmm...there are? Whoda thunkit! galls me I don't know such things.

Lately the little beasts have learned how to get the metal, cylindrical feeder to fall; spilling all the sunflower seeds…which of course they see as some kind of reward! I thought I had it fixed with a bungee-cord soaked in Tabasco…but they managed to un-hook it yesterday and dumped it again.

I’ve been all through my tool boxes looking for METAL stuff…I’m going to have to hit the hardware store on payday anyway…I’ll ask about alternatives in tape, too!

Thanks a bunch!

Mary said...

LOL! That is such a funny video! How can you resist such funny and determined creatures? Why don't you just give in and feed the little cuties?? Look how much entertainment they provide? That's worth a meal.

Beverly said...

Well, I’m not shooting them!

LOL Seriously, I know what you mean…and I put up the two clips because they ARE cute and ingenious little things.

But they aren’t really so ‘little’…and I’ve seen six or more at my feeders at the same time! They distroy the feeders, often manage to knock them down (okay, so perhaps that part is my fault…but the birds don’t do it! I’m working on it…) and eat two cups of sunflower seeds at a shot!

I think they may be one reason I’m not getting as many birds right now…the darn rodents have taken over! Ya know those little suet cages? They know how to ‘un-hook’ them from hangers, drop them to the ground, and open the things to run off with the suet! Ugg… they’re pests!!!

Cute or not! LOL

Thanks for dropping by, Mary! If I thought giving them a spot of their very own and putting favorite food there would keep them off my feeders, I'd do it. But it doesn't happen. They are eating machines!