Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ecobirder Shares All

This is a beautiful example of the
light-phase Great Horned Owl

There is a blog I thoroughly enjoy reading: Ecobirder which you will find in my list of favorite blogs, on the right. He is a spectacular photographer and insanely interested in dragonflies; which I admire. Ecobirder has a site worth visiting regularly…with incredible photos of birds, bears, bees, butterflies and yes, more dragonflies! I have learned more about dragons, as he
calls ‘em, than I ever imagined possible; by reading his blog.

The above bird is Samantha, and the photo…of which I only copied a small piece, is Ecobirder's. But…I have some excuses for my theft; one: this is a spectacular example of a light-phase Great Horned Owl and illustrates what I mentioned in my piece below and I just had to show ya; two: I really like the idea of ‘That’s My World Tuesday’…of which Ecobirder participated and three: this is a good excuse to share his blog with some folks who have begun following mine. Do go visit Ecobirder…which you can do by following the link at his name, anywhere in this post.

Oh…I do hope he forgives me; I only took a tiny piece!... His blog includes the photograph of the whole bird and a bunch more raptors, to boot! Go visit Ecobirder to help pay for my transgression. Please! ...and you might tell him how much I thank him for his good work! (Besides, as I mentioned, he shares some lovely information about where he lives.)


Ecobirder said...

Beverly, I have no problem with you using the photo. I make my photos public for people to share and you were very good about making sure to credit me. I am honored that you decided to use one of my pics and by your kind praise of my blog.

Beverly said...


Thanks again...if you had the time to read my piece re: Great Horned Owls...you'd see why I was so pleased to find your picture of Samantha! It was a perfect illustration of 'color phases'.

Camera Trap Codger said...

Indeed, what an elegant fowl.

Beverly said...

It is a beautiful bird...Ecobirder is a wonderful photographer.

It's amazing to me how different two birds, of the same species, can look. Of course, the two owl photos I've included could be different sub-species, huh? One from the north perhaps, and one from the jungles down south.

Thanks for visiting, Chris!