Friday, October 31, 2008


Bosque Bill said...

Thanks, Beverly, you gave me a nice chuckle with that one.

I stopped into Walgreens to get my flu shot today and most of the staff were dressed in black as witches or demon fairies, even the pharmacist. They had a silver skull sitting on the counter, which was unintentionally both ironic and harking back to the bad ol' days of apothecaries, blood-letters, and such.

Somewhat strange, but I did get my modern day potion to ward off the Grippe.

Beverly said...

Well thanks...I felt like I needed a 'cleansing' after my political spew!

I'm glad you took the cure...or potion! It's nothing to mess with!

I'd rather just write about birds...but even when I got home today; nothin. Heard a Raven; that was it. Saw a Kingfisher by a lake...that was cool. I'm almost wishing for snow; surely they'll come then!

Bosque Bill said...

I just looked at my monthly totals and I only had 16 species for October, down from 27 last month, and probably one of the lowest of the year.

Just looked at 2007 and I had 30 species in my yard this month last year.

Lets hope things change soon... and for the better.

Beverly said...

You know...there are so many reasons I'm feeling anxious of late...and the decline in birds (the canaries of the mine?), is just one.

I'm sorry, but I've heard numbers reaching 70 and 80% declines...can that be right?

Lordy...what have we done?

Is it fixable?

Can we become what we were when America united during WWII? That is how awful this feels!

Can we unite and stop polluting and sucking our world dry? If we build Victory Gardens and consider the health of our environment... can we reverse this trend?

If we just say NO to trashing and depeating everything there is BEFORE it's all gone...can we save it?

Ya know...I'm working myself into a real frenzy here. I'm scared!