Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Falls

Here it is October now...and I still have hummers coming regularly. This morning I got up to find three sitting at the feeders. Great fun...but I hope they don't stay too long! They've already been through some snow here. This is the first time I've kept track of how long they stay; who knew they'd stay this long.

As an asside, this is my 200th post! Who knew I'd stay this long, huh? LOL

September yard birds:


DJB's Photo Adventures said...

Congratulations on your 200th post and your hummers! Enjoy reading your blog

Bosque Bill said...

Happy 200th! Glad you've hung in there.

I still have hummers, too, in central NM. About half-n-half Rufous and Black-chin females and/or imm.

They usually hang here till sometime during 2nd week of October.

No snow here, but had to break through about 1/8" of ice in the bird bath this morning.

Anonymous said...

They will be gone before you know it. I am already feeling the loss.

Beverly said...

You guys are great, thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words and know I've been a bit on the distracted side; Scott and I seem to be quite compatible! Life is good.

But yes, soon the hummers will be gone, but in their place, I might have all three Rosies and White-crowned Sparrows and Cassin's and Purple Finches and more of the yummie birds of Winter.