Monday, September 21, 2009

Still got hummers?

So here it is, September 21st and I still see 3-4 hummingbirds at my two remaining feeders; especially first thing in the mornings. During the day, I am only apt to see a single bird at a time…it would be easy to miss them. I think now, all who visit are Rufus.

I hope you are all keeping fresh nectar available for these little migrants. You could make the difference between their making it home or not. Some of these birds fly thousands of miles and when they stop to refuel…they better find fuel! Here’s a lovely little link that also addresses that goose-thang! I think it’s a good idea to leave feeders up, with fresh nectar, for at least two weeks after you saw your last bird. Or, perhaps leave it up till it’s so cold the stuff won’t stay liquid.

By keeping a variety of bird foods available during the winter, you might get as lucky as Connie Kogler! Read her story here.


Yeah, last day of summer; check out the pics from my window...
Cold as these birds might have been; they were still fightin'! (there are two in that last shot)

Now, don't they look COLD?
Oh, and I snapped one on its favorite perch;
right above my little grape-tomatoes...only to find I'd missed it! [sigh]

PS: The next morning, as soon as it got light, the hummers were back lapping up the (warmed) nectar! They made it...yet another reason to have a few, dense, evergreens in the yard.


Bosque Bill said...

I'm quite a bit farther south in central NM, but I still have quite a number of hummers, though much reduced of late.

I don't recall seeing any males lately. There are only Rufous and Black-chinned as the Broad-tails and Calliope split around the middle of last month.

I tend to have several hang around until the first or second week in October, but I leave at least one feeder up much later for stragglers.

Beverly said...

LOL I have seven or more feeding the snow!

Yeah, last day of summer; snow. I just LOVE Colorado!

I think the only ones been around here lately are all Broad-tails...and for some weeks now. I could be wrong; thought I saw a 'pumper' the other day! LOL

I'll leave fresh nectar up for awhile yet too. Tonight I brought the feeders in and warmed the stuff up; you shoulda seen 'em swarm THEN!

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on some last minute nectar perhaps. I have not seen any for some time now.

eileeninmd said...

I cam across your blog after checking out another blog on birds. I love hummers and I enjoyed your blog and photos.

Beverly said...

Thank you so much, Eileen! I love photography and writing, sounds like we're much alike. I do this to learn myself...and as a natural teacher of sorts, to teach others as I go.

Want to see an awesome blog by a woman who is both an excellent photographer and a wonderful writer; see Nature's in the list on the sidebar to the right. She's really gifted!