Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hermit Thrush!

La Veta got 14" of snow yesterday and I have a very large willow-limb down (but still connected high-up), in the driveway just behind my vehicle. I should be thankful for small favors.

I'm also thankful that when I went out into the enclosed patio this morning, to have a look around, I noticed some little brown birds in the Virginia Creeper. For some reason, I wasn't even thinking about the Hermit Thrush I saw last year...but when one bird settled long enough to get binoculars on it, I saw the spotty throat and white-circled eye.

Last year I got some (bad) shots of one, and I got this shot of it's back (below) just now; I'll try for better photos. I'll post it here, if I manage to get one. I'm still suffering from some sort of viral-thang that has me sneezing almost non-stop and my eyes weeping so much I can hardly look at the bright snow out there.

At least while very, very shy does keep coming back to the berries.

I'll get a decent shot at it yet!


Bosque Bill said...

Nice yard bird! Hope you feel better soon.

Beverly said...

Thanks Bill...I'm sure I'll be fine soon. This upper-respiratory thang is a doozy, though! I don't ever remember my eyes just leaking like this...

Remember last year when I got the Thrush you helped me identify? I saw this one in the am, too; perhaps I'll try again for a shot tomorrow morning.