Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wait, there's more!

I managed to get a couple of pretty nice shot of the Hermit Thrush...finally; do click to enlarge and see the Thrush loveliness.

I also got to hear them;
there were three or four working the berries! And they do sound like wind-chimes...or a burbling brook. Sweet! Is that unusual, to see so many at once?

I've been hanging around the house in my jammies for two days...with some sort of crud. No, not H1N1, but I am sick. So, in between sleeping, snuffing-up warm saline-water and sneezing 100 times a day...I'm trying to watch the birds...when I can; I can hardly look out at the bright snow. It makes my eyes tear and sends me into a sneezing fit. Ugh

We just had the first real snow of the season, which brought all manner of birds to the feeders...including hoards of both House Sparrows and European Starlings. This time of year I find the Starlings awfully pretty...but still pretty awful. Those, along with the Grackles, Blackbirds (Red-winged and maybe otherwise) and the Eurasian Collared Doves are eating me out of house and home. I cannot figure out how to discourage them...and they come in droves!

But also here today is the Hairy Woodpecker; I got another bad shot of him, but you can see, at least, that my home-made squirrel baffle is still in operation. I need to move that pole though, I don't have a clear shot of the feeder from my window. Arrgggg...

And guess who else stopped in;
the White-winged Dove! Lordy, I do hope this one finds a warmer place to stay real soon...the last one that came around this late, froze it's feet off. Seriously; it was really sad.

Here's an interesting shot;
which birds do not belong? Can you name all four (in spite of the lousy shot?)

FYI (the birds are listed in the labels for this post. As always, click to enlarge the photos...


Kitt said...

Ha! I thought the one on the end was a chickadee (it's kinda blurry), but I got the others.

DJB's Photo Adventures said...

Great shots of you Hermit Thrushes! Get better soon!

Beverly said...

LOL Wasn't that a fun shot, Kitt...even if not very focused?

Thanks Debbie; you are an inspiration, yanno. I'm still home sick, but hope to be better by the end of the weekend; I can't afford this!