Sunday, February 3, 2008

More on Little Red Birds

Okay, I understand I have to learn how to use my camera…but I do have issues, too! While it’s not a bad little camera (seven year old Canon PowerShot G3 for which I have a telephoto lens), I am shooting through that blasted window that I’ve draped with netting. Perhaps things will get better when the film from ColideEscape arrives. I can learn to control my own camera (!!!), to focus on the bird and not the window. I can, I can.

I’m still struggling with identifying the little
red birds, as I call them. I cannot determine if the more stripy ones are the same breed the buff-breasted ones. If anybody can tell me if they are the same and what, really they are, I’d appreciate it. (Really, I’ll get my books out of storage as soon as I get my floors repaired and book-cases made).

I cannot believe I have no even mediocre shots of the chickadees
who visit my feeders. I believe I’ve seen two kinds, Mountain and Black-capped; the little buggers are fast! A Mountain Chickadee was the last fatality at my window…when I finally put up the netting.

I did get a couple bad shots of another little nut-eater… I swear, I am going to learn to take pictures; I'm sorry these are so bad, but if you can help me identify the little red ones, I'd sure appreciate it.

I've found a sweet little website,, that offers at least five pages I found lots of fun:

Also there are links to Indices from Birds of Nature magazine, a hundred years worth!!! Wow, thanks, folks.

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