Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sounds of Silence

Last evening I came home from work and got out of my truck to the sounds of owls. I love that sound, it is peaceful and wild at the same time…like the call of a loon on a quiet night. I just love it.

I think it is a privilege to live in such a wild area. Sure, it’s not the cabin…but I don’t have to worry about tipping over my truck with a full 200 gallon watertank while sliding sideways down a hill or plowing out three miles only to discover the county road wasn't plowed yet. Those were the days!

A friend glimpsed a mountain lion in town the other day, and was upset about it. I wonder why people move to areas like this and then want the wild animals removed. I remember a young family moved to a home several miles from town…to raise goats. When the lions came around they put pet dogs inside and called in the bounty hunters. Yup, killed eleven big cats one season! Of course, doing this just brings in lions from further away…and perhaps larger litters for a year or two; but solves nothing. I just do not understand why more ranchers don’t use LivestockGuardianDogs.

Zeus is the best! He's an Akbash Dog, an ancient Turkish breed, who thinks he's Hispanic. Hey, Zeus!

I talked to friends about the owls; I understand only some hoot, which is what I regularly hear here. Apparently we have quite a variety in the area, including Great Horned Owls, which is what I believe I hear. I have never seen one here, though I’ve begun scanning the treetops across the road, along the river, where I hear them. Perhaps I need a scope. Yeah, that’s it; I really do need a scope! There are fourteen kinds of owl in Huerfano County.

BirdChick has a wonderful (and educational!) little video clip she created and put on her blog Feb 1st. Thanks, Sharon!

There are several bodies of water aroundthe town of La Veta, and of course at Lathrup State Park. I’m going to have to start looking for loons, too. I know the eagles find ‘em!

Did I tell I once saw a Greater Roadrunner running fast across the highway near Lathrup...I half expected to see that wiley coyote in hot pursuit!

And we did get snow...in fact it's still snowing. Looks to be nearly a foot of fairly heavy stuff. Yippieeeeeee Of course I stayed home and watched birds out the window, replentishing the feeders as needed. And I finally saw more than one White-winged Junco at the same time...thrilled to learn it is a 'rare' bird...only to have my thrill dashed by not finding it on Colorado's RareBirdAlert. Sometimes I'm too wierd.

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