Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Domestic Cat Gone Wild

What can we do to help? I believe we should talk about it. This is not unlike people who continue to keep ‘outdoor cats’; yeah, I used to be one too. I know (now) that ignorance is bliss. Cats are imports; like some snakes, starlings, rats and rabbits…they were brought to a new world (our country) from far away…some few hundred years ago. They are an invasive species. Who knew?

The local environment, both flora and fauna, have not been able to adapt quickly enough to these exquisite predators. And they are exquisite hunters. A pet cat can, and on average does, kill a bird a day…including well fed cats. Cats kill birds, mice and lizards for sport. Cats make a huge dent on the environment; taking a good deal of food from the native creatures. It is no wonder our hawks and owls are disappearing. It sounds illogical, till one thinks about it. There are hundreds of millions of cats and our song-birds are disappearing to cats, in the hundreds of millions per year! Do the math…

Loose cats spread disease, poop in our gardens and sand boxes; make children sick who play in said gardens and sand boxes, fight and get hurt, are attacked by dogs and wild creatures and suffer, get hit by cars, die horrible deaths and leave us sad when they die.

Are cats more important than birds? You may believe the 'natural' life (outdoors) of your cat is far more important than any ol' bird. Consider that all birds are our canaries-in-the-coal-mine. They are supreme indicators of the health of our home, workplace and of our entire environment.

In some places, bird-watching (the fastest growing sport these days), is imperative to the local economy. Birds, like some bats, bees and insects are important to pollination; to the growth of our food. And they belong here; they're native. They feed on and live to feed other native creatures.

I believe sooner than later, we will have to keep cats under control; on a leash or in a cat-run when outside. I’m all for it. Quite frankly, I’ve lost too many of my own cats to dogs and automobiles…would I have a cat today, it would be a 100% indoor cat. And it would live so much longer. The National Audubon Society has declared that “Worldwide, cats may have been involved in the extinction of more bird species than any other cause, except habitat destruction.” Jim Stevenson, former science teacher and director of the Galveston Ornithological Society and publisher of the quarterly newspaper Gulls n Herons is one of my heroes.

Loose dogs make me sad, too...but that's another story.

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Connie Kogler said...

This is such a volatile issue for people! I do not support spay/neuter/release. Spay/neuter adopt or , as some folks say shoot, shovel and shut up. Sounds harsh, but when we had a small farm they reeked havoc on our local bird population. People dropped cats off every weekend. It was so sad and frustrating!!

Beverly said...

Yup, you're right. VERY volatile issue; you can't believe the notes I get that go on and on and on about how wonderful god's creatures are; yada yada yada. Well, I couldn't agree more...except where man comes in and upsets the apple cart! I also have lived off grid...and ended up with far too many sick and ruined cats that I had to euthanize. I feel I managed this in a far more humane way than would a long trip to a city with a 'kill clinic' ...which is where wild cats go anyway. Such a shame; I agree.

I bring this video out every year or so in hopes of reaching more people. This one seems to be fairly benign...but I'm with you (and the truth): SNR doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

SNR works real well if you treat the humans that "drop off" their responsibility.