Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rosy-Finches in May!

My very wet yard finally dried enough to mow yesterday, and this morning noticed two Brown-capped Rosy-Finches feeding along-side Rw Blackbirds, grackles and cowbirds!

Without my glasses on, at first I just noticed them as being 'different' somehow from female streaky breast, no eye-line and pale color along the folded edge of the wing. Racing for binocs, I got a long, solid look at the birds; clearly two B-c Rosy-Finches. WOW...

I immediately tossed out seed just outside my back door...and then there were four of the pink-bellied, dark-headed beauties out there. Now, that is a first; it's MAY!

This beautiful shot is by Bill Maynard, though I flipped it.


Bosque Bill said...

Good grief, Charlie Brown... pink butts in May?!

Beverly said...

LOL Yeah, and this not long after my friend Dave Silverman (who creates a calendar of local migrating bird's coming and going dates) told me he'd never heard of them staying into April, even. Course, I've not had them here since April 11, I think...I have no idea why they showed up; it wasn't even snowing.

Always good to hear from you Bill!