Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Please let me be the first to say Thank You to the wonderful hosts at BESG. Not only were they gracious and absolutely delightful, but they were well organized with their Conference and ensured I knew my way around their grounds the day before the three-day meeting. It was a pleasure to meet them, as well as so many of my colleagues from all over the world, who had much to offer on such interesting topics.

Special thanks to YC at BESG, who ensured I didn't miss a thing and to Mike Bergin, of 10,000 Birds, Nature Blog Network, and of course, I and the Bird for suggesting I submit my piece in the first place.

Thank you all,


rocketsmommy said...

Well we hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. As for the Wilsons, we had all four kids and one grandkid here. Dave and I did our usual birdwatching with our morning coffee. As for Rocket, he has been confined to the house until dark. Hope that eases your mind.

Beverly said...

LOL I did! I'm glad to see you did too! Did you see any unusual birds? There's a Tundra swan and a Pacific Loon at Lathrop, but I've not seen 'em. Past that I mostly see siskins and goldfinches, but I'm happy to say the woodpeckers are back!

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