Sunday, August 24, 2008


Be careful what you wish for:
My front yard...under at least six inches of water.
Another couple and my living room would be in da water!
My front yard is like a river; that's a current going downstream!

The yard between house & garage...

Yeah, we got rain today; it's receding now. Good thing I watered my tomatoes earlier...won't have to now for a couple days.

[edited to add: I just heard we got 3" in 45 minutes...but then, the storm, which was a doozy (rain, hail, lots of lightening strikes in the town), lasted a couple hours so I have no idea what the total was. But thank the didn't get inside my house AND...the town is going to clean out that little ditch between the road and my home! Yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee]


NW Nature Nut said...

It's hard to tell, but you don't seem too upset. I would be crying over my garden if I had that much water standing in it. I'm glad it isn't in your house, yikes! Good Luck!

Beverly said...

Well, I seem to be going through a 'bad patch'...and I'm trying to be realistic about it. While I need a pair of shoes and tires before winter and to get my dog to the vet; and my just over one-year-old microwave just broke and rain was coming inside the new window in my bedroom (and I mean...inside the closed window; an inch from the window frame, inside the room) and while I watched the rain come down off the hill and course across the front half of my home...I have to remember: I'm healthy, so far I can still pay my mortgage and that wasn't Katrina out there! Some folks did get several inches inside their homes; so I'm a lucky one. The walk-way is slipperier than snot, but most the water is already gone. Perhaps the deposit of silt my yard got is free fertilizer! Yeah, the downpour did knock down some of the flowers, but most have sprung back even though they have already seen their better days. The bees and bugs are busy again; fall is coming here…already.

Oh...couple days ago, a new friend I met (who is one of the seed-testers for Organic Gardening... talk about a serious gardener!) lost her entire garden in a mud-slide. See; I'm a lucky one!


lkw said...

I hope things are back on track now -- it sounds difficult to me, but you sound upbeat.

Hope you're back to enjoying nature (and making blog posts) soon.