Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birding News & Tidbits

Here are a few, interesting, bird-related articles I've recently discovered. Click the bulleted titles for access to the full article.

* New Bird Species Discovered In Gabon, Africa

Called the Olive-backed Forest Robin for its distinctive olive back and rump, this small bird, which measures 4.5 inches in length, was unknown to the scientific community until just recently. Males exhibit a fiery orange throat and breast, yellow belly, olive back and black feathers on the head. Females are similar, but less vibrant. Both sexes have a distinctive white dot on their face in front of each eye.

* Birds Moving North as Earth Warms

A variety of birds are extending their breeding ranges to the north; yet another concern about climate change. 83 species were studied; it was found many extended their range boundaries by as much as 40 miles. Changes were found in birds that breed in forests and grasslands, in both insectivores and omnivores and even in new tropical migrants that are typically seen in Mexico and South America.

* Plover Overlooked in Place of Oil & Gas Projects: Bush…Again

The Biodiversity Conservation Alliance and Forest Guardians have filed a federal suit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for refusing to protect the Mountain Plover which had been on track for listing on the Endangered Species Act in 2003…apparently until the Bush administration interfered. The mountain plover case reflects a pattern of denying endangered species protection for purely political reasons,” said Lauren McCain, deserts and grasslands program director for Forest Guardians in Denver.

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