Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring is here

What a day Saturday was! I got to play in my yard all day long; I loved it. I discovered two things; one, that some body ate a red-winged blackbird in the yard yesterday…there were feathers everywhere! And two, apparently some body roosts in the big cottonwood in my front yard; I found the pellets to prove it. Yes, it may be one of those enjoying lunch at my bird feeders, as the pellet had a little bird skull in it.

I find all this way cool and it got me to thinking about the Eagles in Platteville, Colorado. Xcel Energy has several BirdCams on a website…and one is of an Eagle nest: This year’s pair has three eggs!

The company also has a cam on a Great Horned Owl’s nest which already has a chick! Man, talk about cool…and when last I could see the other egg, it had a little hole in it…this morning I checked the pictures and very early; there were two chicks!

Check it out, there are also Falcon, Kestrel and Osprey Cams available to watch at Xcel’s website at different times of the year:

Where is the snow? I spread grass-seed all over my yard, especially the bare spots…knowing we were expecting a nice snow overnight. I’ve got blisters to show for my work, but no moisture on my new seed. Sheeshhhhhhhh! It appears the eagles got the snow I was hoping for, however. What a good parent!

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