Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two waves of Rosies

A huge flock of Rosy-Finches in my yard: just before Christmas 2011. They first came on December 1st...the earliest recorded visit (by me). They were here about 5 days and left when the weather turned warm. They returned the 19th and have just left for higher country, where they prefer to live.

This photo, taken through the netting on my window (Rosy-Finches never hit the windows, but Evening Grosbeaks seem to do it with some regularity; the netting helps them see the glass). There are two waves feeding in this shot; one closer and the other is along the trees and shrubs in the back. They often 'stage' on top of my house, just above the bay window through which I view them, or along the wires that cross my property or in the huge trees that surround it. So far, I've had at least 600 Rosy-Finches visiting at a single time. The breakdown is generally: 50% Brown-capped, 40% Gray-crowned and 10% Black.


Bosque Bill said...

Very cool and lucky you!

Anonymous said...

WoW! What a thrill it must be to see so many beautiful finches.

I use netting too.


Jen said...

Wow, that's an incredible set of yard birds!