Friday, May 13, 2011

Middle of May & Spring is here at last.

Photo by Leslie Holzmann

Oh my, how I do love this time of telling what I'll find in my yard! This morning, I walked out to fill feeders and came under a thistle feeder at the corner of my house. Yes, the same feeder I discovered 'pink-butts' that winter, several years ago. Rosy-Finches have been coming every year since, but always when it snows. Imagine my surprise when I looked up at Pink-Butts on the feeder in the middle of May! While we did get some rain and a tiny bit of snow the other day, spring has definitely sprung; my grass is high and the fruit trees are in blossom. Who would expect Brown-capped Rosy-Finches this time of year...and yet they were here; two or three, just as you please. What a treat!

Photo by Jeannie Mitchell

A couple weeks ago, I got my first Spotted Towhee

Photo from Wikipedia

And, the other day, while walking my new puppies around the yard, I scared up a Great Blue Heron from a tall tree with a view of my small pond. I'll take that as a new Yard-Bird, any day!

[Addendum] May Yard-Birds included:


John (Tucker) said...

Cool yard list. I've never seen some of those birds. Lucky you!

Beverly said...

Funny how that works, John. Habitat, not to mention weather & time of year have a lot to do with it. Of course, some of the birds, like Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and Indigo Buntings, I might see only for a couple weeks per year. I've only seen an Am. Redstart here once and it stayed <15 minutes.

Across town, less than 2 miles down the road, my friends the Neldner's get birds I don't see...and visa versa! It's all good, doncha think.

Thanks for dropping by

Nick said...

I have to say the pictures look great and we dont get anything like a blue heron where i am in the UK, its great to see.