Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve at the Bird Lady's

Hey, it's official and after's Christmas Eve!

So, these birds are pretty tame; but I was out trying to get them used to someone walking around in the yard. The silly things must know danger lurks, cuz they take to the skies every few minutes. Or perhaps it is to let the hundred or so waiting get a chance to feed?

Sunday, those participating in the Spanish Peaks CBC will come visit my yard; I do hope we get ensure these babies will return. Last year we watched 'someone' enjoy lunch.

Well, you know this guy by now. And I got a shot through a very old, back door window; you can see the shadows of bird-netting (it works...not a single Rosie has hit the glass!) For perspective; the stump is about 15" wide and (I measured just now), the snow is 9" down. That makes this guy pretty small, huh? This is a first full-frontal image...

It didn't sit long for me. Lordy, what a beautiful little bird! ...but, is that a long neck or shorter? [sigh]

I wonder if this is his impression in the snow?
Yeah, I found it in my own backyard.


Bosque Bill said...

Love those Rosy "panoramas." Lots of birds, indeed! Very cool.

Also, love your accipiter "snow angel" :)

Beverly said...

Well, honestly...I didn't get half of them! Seriously, when they all land (like when I'm inside and don't have a camera ready...and it's still snowing, of course) there really are a couple hundred. Did you see the birds on the line? Oh wait...I've not published that one yet. LOL

I dunno if that snow angel is an accipiter or not; I found several such images in the snow. Course, those little hawks have been here regularly; I watched one scatter the Rosie flock and chase one (unsuccessfully) for about a minute. Yeah, seems at least two have moved into the neighborhood; sure does make the birdies nervous.

Thank you for your kind words, Bill. I appreciate all your comments.

Andrew said...

Great photos! Love that "impression" in the snow!

Paul said...

Cool pics :) Any "Hepburn's" Gray-crowneds? Always fun to find a 4th flavor of Rosy-finch in those big mixed flocks!