Thursday, August 6, 2009

On Feeding Birds

First, let me thank my friends Holly and Jerry who sent me these two lovely photos. They have a home here in La Veta with bear-proof feeders Jerry rigged using pulleys and various squirrel-proof obstacles. I wish I had a photo of all the cool feeding stations they have…and yes, there is one with corn-on-the-cob, just for the little furry monsters.

Anyway, they are able to look down at the feeders from their second story balcony…how cool is that? These pictures are stunning; good thing the birds don't have fleas, you'd be able to see them on these two Rufus Hummingbirds! (click on the photos to see full size, it's worth it!) Thanks, Jerry and Holly.

Secondly, I’d like to say I thought I totally ruined my Hummingbird Summer last week. We’ve got bears, you see…and I try to bring in all my feeders at night. Last week I was out with friends and forgot this task when I returned. And yes, a bear dismantled a couple feeders that were hanging from the eves of my little house.

I realize feeding birds can kill bears (see the DOW poster below), so, I’m even more adamant about getting the feeders in before dark. The problem was last week when I overslept an hour or so. I didn’t get feeders out till nearly seven o’clock…and the hummers had already gone elsewhere for breakfast!

I’m used to seeing 6-8 or more little birds per feeder…and suddenly I saw only one or two. It was sad. But I’m happy to report, less than a full week later…they’re back in droves!

It’s good to remember I am not responsible for all the birds in town…they do not suffer if we forget a day, run out of feed or go on vacation. Yeah, life is good and when the food returns, so do the birds!


Bosque Bill said...

Yikes! Glad I just have a raccoon problem and not a bear problem!!

I have to bring my seed and suet feeders in at night or the raccoons will tear them down and either carry them away or break them open (they are not interested in thistle, thankfully.)

Glad I don't have to bring in my hummer feeders that would be a much, much bigger chore.

Hang in there, Beverly.

Anonymous said...

Tom at Mon@rch Nature Blog, who lives in a state park has an interesting relationship with bears and bird feeders. I am sure he has some tips.

Beverly said...

Well, bears being the little piggies that they are; they're interested in everything! And it was two thistle feeders that were ruined. [sigh] I shoulda known's my fault.

Yeah, I have racoons too, and they come from time to time. I absolutely LOVE the baffle I made (which is still holding up nicely...duct tape and all! LOL). And I broke down and got a couple big collars that were on sale; they work great for the coons while the bears are asleep.

Beverly said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm...I'll check him out, SG. Thanks!!!

dAwN said...

Wow..those photos were great when I clicked on them..thought i saw a flea..tee hee
Gee ..dont have bear problems here in Ct. where we are at the moment..but i guess allot of you do.