Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More on Outdoor Cats

Thank you to SeEtta over at Birds and Nature for making me aware of this new clip. You all must know how I feel about this serious problem...and that I tend to be a bit off-putting with my passion against outdoor cats. Yes, I used to have cats and I still like them...but should I ever have another cat, it will be an inside cat. It's just the responsible way to behave. Having said that, this clip is gentler...I hope it works.

Thank you to the American Bird Conservancy for this important information: if we are to save our birds, we need to remove outside cats! As SeEtta also pointed out, you can find more information here.

I don't know why the clip is so large; it won't fit here. Just click on the movie again, immediately after it starts, and you'll get to watch it at YouTube the way it's meant to be seen.

I was thinking about how we cat owners like to allow our cats outside and thought how cool it would be to build an outdoor exercize area built up against the house where one could open a window to let the cat into the screened area outside. Yeah, keep the cat in the 'cage'; it'd work! It could be large, with a climbing pole and fun stuff inside (including an easy to clean litter box)...but built to keep birds out. Perfect, huh? I like it.


nina at Nature Remains. said...

I spent the evening yesterday, walking the road to ask neighbors if the male cat yowling outside our windows each night is theirs.
It seems to me, that if I have 5 cats, all kept indoors because I don't want a yard full of cats, they should be able to house their cat somewhere other than my yard?
I found no one home to identify said animal--but my guess it is from the yard that has posted, once again, "Free kittens."
Perhaps an offer to fund his neutering would interest them?

dAwN said...

I agree...cats should remain indoors or attended..MY cat loves going outdoors..and I always leash him and take him for walks or sit while he watches for critters...I say watches..because he never has caught anything other than a few indoor mice..which..I promptly took away.

RuthieJ said...

Thanks for sharing this video Beverly. I think TNR is a useless program--the cats that are left are still killing birds.
When I have the (outside) window feeders up in the winter, I've watched my fat indoor cat jump from her food dish to the window in an attempt to catch a bird and I know she's not hungry--it's just their instinct. Neutering and spaying won't stop that.
I have a problem with the 2 outside cats someone up the street has that roam the whole neighborhood. Can you imagine how horrible it would be to live in a community with 500 cats wandering around?? Geez it's just senseless!