Friday, March 27, 2009

Turkey Vultures are back!

Yup, on the way to work yesterday morning, March 26th, their tree was half full of the big guys. I always like to see 'em...unusual as they are. I suppose we're lucky they don't mess with our cars, like some are wont to do. Last year they appeard here April 1st, nearly a week later.

Our favorite lunch spot, the Ryus Bakery, is hosting a Hat Contest tomorrow...a 'Vulture-hat Contest' celebrate their return. Way cool! Winner gets a free lunch.

The other morning I also had a small flock of Evening Grosbeaks visit for just a few minutes and a neighbor said she had a flock of 50 Cedar Waxwings, though I've never seen 'em in my yard.

This morning, as it continues to snow (our first blizzard of the year) I've been mobbed by starlings...dammit. Of course, Red-winged Blackbirds are also here, but I've not seen another Yellow-headed one. I did, however, see a bronzed Common Grackle...first of the year. Sadly, no more Rosy Finches and still not a single Cassin's or Purple Finch, either. Mostly have Siskins, Am. Goldfinch and Juncos.

With over 50 voracious starlings and another 50 or more blackbirds here (not to mention a couple dozen Eurasian Doves), some birds are uneasy to compete at feeders. I have pairs of Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers, but only the Northern Flickers will compete with the blasted starlings. While I've not seen nuthatches in months, nor Mountain Chickadees, two or three Black-capped sweeties come regularly. Oh, and the Magpies like peanuts, too! I love the big corvids...


jozien said...

Thanks for sharing.
I love to see those Turkey Vultures!
The flicker will come to my yard, eventually this spring, here it is he who never comes to the feeder.

Beverly said...

Ya know, it's only the suet feeders that the Flickers enjoy, other than those, they prefer the bugs they dig up around the dry corners of the yard.

I'm so mad, those blasted starlings ate their way through THREE (3!) homemade suet cakes just today. Sheeshhhhhh, they mob the many as four or five hang on them and they refuse to let others feed. I really do not like them one bit...regardless of how pretty they are.

Anyway, you're right, the flickers in my yard don't hit any other feeders but the suet feeders...and are the only ones (other than magpies) who will stand up to the starlings.