Monday, December 29, 2008

Shy Dove

I was so tickled to have had a White-winged Dove hang around for weeks; it would be the first such bird on the 20 year old Spanish Peaks CBC! I promised the folks they could come by and add it to their counts...most hadn't seen one yet.

Of course it was nearly a no-show! Only Dave Moore got a view of it before we entered my back-yard... it immediately flew and no one else got to see it.

Oh my...did I get a ribbing! So; here is my Haiku...

White-winged Dove visits,
so diff 'rent, so much the same.
It hid for the count.

In addition to the white showing on the leading edge of the folded wing, the blue around the eye and the dark facial mark, this bird also lacks a collar, so familiar on the Eurasian dove.

Photo from Wikipedia - click to see unusual blue surounding eye!


NW Nature Nut said...

You poor thing! I love the haiku!!

Beverly said...

LOL Thanks! You don't know the half of it...I fell in a ditch in my earnestness to show the one guy my bird! Sheeshhhhhhhhhh

I coulda broke my hip!

Oh my, I crack myself up. I wasn't hurt at all (shallow culvert) and at least the one person saw the darn thing. Later we watched a Sharpie enjoy his lunch, no doubt a special off my feeders. (I don't mind too much)

That these two birds were the first of their species on the 20-year count, and both sighted in my backyard... made up for any embarrassment! LOL

dAwN said...

Very cool that you got those two birds for your bird count...glad you didnt hurt yourself..
nice haiku...

Beverly said...'s barely a haiku; to get the requisite seven syllables for the second line, I had to fudge on a word! Still, it was fun and my first one. Thanks and Happy New Year, too!