Thursday, June 19, 2008

Plastic and bags...

I agree with Cindy...this is too important not to pass on.

I would like to see the US join the ban against plastic bags...and plastic bottles, for that matter; the things are poison, even to humans! Ever wonder why there is a 'date stamp' on water? It's because the plastic bottles off-gas poison into the beverage! Nasty stuff!!!

It cannot be stressed too many times;
Shocking information there and some of it is good.
Save oil; use paper bags!


nina said...

Just stopping by for a much-overdue visit!
I love Colorado--the few times I've visited have made me wish it could be closer. (Except for the abundance of bears--which, though snakes and spiders don't concern me, bears do!)
You have a nice mix of pictures and helpful links here--so nice to have stopped by.
And thanks for all your kind remarks on my site--I always get a boost knowing others have enjoyed.

Beverly said...

Awww, thank you so much!

The only thing I don't much care for about the bears is my dog (a LGD), barks his fool head off when they're around. Ya learn to live with them though; dog and bird-feeders in at night, garbage out only on pick-up day and not the night before; and walks at night include a flashlight and a partner. Hey, we have lions, too and in a rural area there's not much light-pollution I'm happy to say. In all my years in Colorado, I've never heard of someone injured by a town's black-bear. Course, mountain lions are another story!

I'm glad you visited; thanks for your kind words!

Cindy said...

thanks so much for spreading the good word Beverly!