Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Golf Course

Be careful what you wish for; I’ve been busier than usual, since becoming a birder, actively getting outside to see birds, working in my garden and writing a blog it seems I have less time to care for individual things. I’ve got photos to post and no time to do it!!!

Here’s a teaser: the Red Fox my friend Dave knows out at the Golf Course. The pretty thing is tame in that she’ll come up for handouts or to eat the cat food Dave puts out for his mousers, but not so tame she isn’t very wary when getting up close and personal. This is a shot I got of the fox wondering if camera's are edible.

The reason we were at the Golf Course is because Dave let me know there is an Owl nesting in last year’s Eagle Nest…and would I like to see it? Right; do bears like blueberries? Of course I invited my friend Janie to come with us, as she’s the photographer of the group. My lens won’t reach as far as the nest was, so here is one of Janie’s shots. Have I mentioned I want a scope? I really appreciate SeEtta's piece regarding Ethical Bird Photography; as I said we were about 300' or more from this nest. Still, we only stayed around about 15 minutes. Fifteen glorious minutes...

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