Sunday, April 20, 2008

Little Brown Bird

I got a new bird the other day…I’m calling it LBB, for Little Brown Bird, until I know what it is.

I got a few shots (through the old, glass door), but not a single Full Frontal, so some of the clues are missing.

I thought it might be a ‘First Year Bird’, due to the mosaic-pattern of little clarity on its head. I could find nothing in the books that would indicate such a bird…so I hadn’t a clue which little brown bird it might be.

Then, another showed up. Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s another bird, but Gary, over at Colorado Birder, suggested what the new bird might be, as well as saying the first is probably the same type. This is way cool…I learn even more by doing the research; like the fact that White-crowned Sparrows have brown crown-stripes until they mature a bit. Hence the mosaic-look; I’m betting the first bird is almost adult.

Perhaps I’m learning something after all…my bird is a White-crowned Sparrow with an immature companion. Thanks, Gary!

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